This year we celebrate the 17th anniversary of the opening of our small salon in Maebashi. We mainly provide hair removal, slimming, facial and seitai services to help clients with beauty and health. Seitai is a way of improving wellbeing through stretching and massage.

Fat can be easily burned off with the Hyper Knife slimming machine, which uses high-frequency heat. Five sessions can reduce your waist size by about 10 cm. This is a popular service! The name Hyper Knife may sound scary, but the procedure is warm and comfortable.

For solid cellulite, we also recommend the highly effective PYR Sword. It’s less painful and you can measure the thickness of the layer of fat, so you’ll immediately start to feel thinner. There are classes for clients who want to get rid of edema and lose weight. Come and try some!

Sukkiri-House call 027-224-0002 open 9:00 – 20:00